Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bundi -- living in the past

The magic of Bundi is everywhere and in everything. In it's magnificent and slightly deteriorated palace, in the abandoned fort who's kings are now monkeys, in the streets of the old town that define time, the seductive countryside that surrounds it and in its peace and slowness.

Like Snow White, Bundi is lost in time, from staying in Havelis hundred of years old, wandering maze-like streets that are lined with greek-like geometric houses coloured mainly in pastel blue, hearing chants are from the temples to sharing a masala chai (Indian tea) with some locals.

The impressive gates to Bundi Palace

The Sathi Lassi is a big hit with travellers. This is the creater, Mr Sathi himself (below).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I love my India

This is what I came to India for. Admittedly, I haven't gotten very far with my intented Indian project, though I have learnt lots and I'm definitely not abandoning my ideas.

This approach is hard work, especially when travelling and the results are a little so, so.

It was fun getting the posters up though. I created several different ones, one with drawings of Indian men and women, Indian gods, the Taj Mahal but the villagers wanted this one.

When we're putting up the posters Arjan started singing I love my India.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Photo Challenges

There are a lot of them going on the web. I found quite a few through Epic Edits but I've seemed to missed the boat. The December challenge, a portrait for each day of the month sounded well worthwhile. This challenge was set up by Trevor Carpenter, here's his link.


Trevor has a community photo challenge on at the moment. Check out his website for more details.

There's also Ben Spark, who particiated in the self-portrait with your camera competition. He's just completed his taking a photo everyday for a 1,000 days (that includes uploading a photo a day!!) and has committed himself to another 1,000 days.

On a smaller scale, there's a 365 plus 1 group on flickr.

I'd really like to get involved in something like this. I'll keep my eye out for them.
Here's an update from Epic Edits. Check it out, there are some fun pictures that lead to great blog sites. There's a helluva lot going on out there in blog space.


This is the first competition I've enter and I feel like a cheat as I had a ready made photo. I have done a few more since but still feel my 'entry' is stronger.

Anyways, results are on the 21st.