Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wales, Wales, Wales

Image by Peter Morgan/Mooganic

What a shock! What a pleasure!

I only started watching the game 23 mins into the match. I had waited around for the hotel people to go to bed. They liked the football and we watched Man U stealing a point with seconds left.

Then I flicked the channels and saw the score -- England 16 Wales 3 and I thought oh no. Then the commentors said that England hadn't taken all their channels and I though 'OH MY GOD, NO!' but I haven't seen Wales play for ages and I wanted to see them.

I watched the rest of the first half and Wales managed, somehow to close the gap.

In the break, I ran down to 7/11 to get a beer in. Met some English boys, they suggested that I go to the Irish bar but I thought it'd be full of English and I wasn't confident about Wales. There was no reason at that time to have confidence in them. I kind of regret not going now but .....

Anyway, watched the second half, brilliant! We all know what happened!! Come on Wales! Play like that more

I'm happy