Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Forget the mini, it's how many people you can fit in an autorickshaw.

Group taxi autorickshaws (there has to be a more catchy name than this) are slightly bigger than the autorickshaws you usually see within cities. These are intercity or intervillage rickshaws. Much cheaper and much more crowded than the ones in the cities.

In the one I took, there was the driver and three people in the passenger seat. Me and another guy shared the seat, whilst the third guy sat on the floor, reading a paper. Cramped is not he word!

In the back, two rows of seats opposite each other, should seat six but usually eight adults, plus anyone they can fit inbetween. That's countless kids and bits of adults. Well, that's the view from outside.

For me, it's the Delhi-Agra road that's king of fitting the most people in an autorickshaw. These had people hanging off the back and sides. How they manage to go with all those people, I really don't know.

Here's an another fun rickshaw sport.

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