Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Vehicles: What road only has 5% cars?

And a speed limit of 80 kph but one of the most deadliest in the world and street hazards that include loose cows, sleeping dogs and rubble loaded zig-zagging donkeys.
Answer; India

Indian roads in three words; cacophonic, kaleidoscopic and madness. It's a shock to the organised westerner.

As a pedestian in Delhi, you get a taste of it. Horns!! horns!! horns!!! Loud, repeated, constant, sometimes hit to a beat; it's enough to shatter your nerves. Then the obstacles; weaving auto-rickshaws, small yellow and green vehicles that bee-line the roads, cutting you up and offering you an unwanted ride, and there's the man-powered version, the peddle rickshaws. 'Hello' means get out of the way and 'where you go?' is an other of a ride. Not to mention huge, horned cows that don't care, the dogs, herds of people, horse carts, human carts, vans, trucks, buses and even the odd car.

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