Thursday, December 13, 2007

Self portrait with me camera, self-portrait and portrait


The above was loaded for this competition. Link below.

Added a this 'self-portrait' because I feel that aren't enough photos on this site. Honest gov, it's a photo blog. Actually, it's not a true self-portrait as Steph, my girlfriend took it, under my guidance.

And this is the wonderful Steph. Halloween 2007.


Brian Auer said...

Really neat shot Chris! At first I thought you were on a subway train, but then I saw all the reflection of yourself. Is that in an elevator? It looks like you were either on the 5th or 2nd floor -- am I close?

newwavephotography said...

Cheers Brain. It's an elevator and you're right. It's the fifth floor. I'm impressed. You must really look closely at photos. I didn't even know until you said.

Nickolus Roy said...

Of all the entries in the shoot yourself contest, I like yours the best.