Friday, December 21, 2007

I might have found a village

I was heading to another place but I had to change at Bhierndiara. There this man came up to me and offered me a tea. This is very common in Gujarat.

He told me he's a pop star for old music. I thought yeah, but he's right. He had just come back from Indonesia where he proformed at several cultural events.

Anyway, I took up his offer and headed to his village. A 15 minute walk down the most dusty I've ever seen. It's powder, space powder, you could feel the ground give as you walked along.

His village contains about 10 houses, most of them round mud huts. I went to his house where he played some music on his 'pot' drum and wash board. His friend accompanied him with tiny cymbals. The music was great, it was music that you could feel resonating in your body. I was surprised.

Anyway, I went there earlier and had a 'kinda' meeting with the village elder and some others. I explained the project, though it would have been a lot better to show demo pictures. I not sure of the answer, I think they gave me a cautious yes. Will print some demo pictures for them.

So hopefully, things will happen on Sunday. We'll see.

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