Saturday, December 8, 2007

Modi is the mask

A political aside, the mask is of Modi, a politician that has been causing a stir in Gujarat.

According to the TV and newspaper, he said that the murder of a political rival was just deserts. As you can imagine this has caused a storm, with people accusing him of being behind the murder.

As with many stories in India, it's difficult to get an understanding of it. These stories have been developing for years. The murder was about 5 years ago I believe. And there's counter argument upon counter argument.

Another story that's like this is the Nandigram incident (only know this story as there was a riot in Calcutta on the day I arrived and it was very difficult to get to my hotel). I believe this started this year. I think the story goes;

The communism govn of W Bengal wanted to create a Economic Free Zone. The locals were consulted and felt the move was a land grab. Somewhere in all this the Maoists got involved. So it was communism against Maoist. Things got nasty, people went missing, people fled their villages as family fought family.

The last thing to happen is that five graves have been discovered with 'burnt human bones'. They are believed to be those of missing people. The TV said that upto 45 people are missing. Sounds grim.

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