Saturday, December 15, 2007

Indian Streets

It's winter so the temperature falls quickly as the sun goes down. This motley crew was gathered around a raging fire, chatting and keeping warm. One of them offered ganga after taking the pictures. I was little scared at first, they looked fearsome but they just laughed and carried on with what they were doing whilst I messed about with my tripod.

I regret not using flash, as mixed with a long exposure it could've added another dimension to the picture. I plan to go back, give them a copy of the photo each and if daylight, take their individual portraits. It'll be nice to do the fire shots again. Anybody has any suggestions on how to take a better shot here?

I love Indian streets at night, especially in photos. These lights make the street look other worldly. I'm not sure what Indian light's use? Sodium? The redness mixes well with the fluorescent lights.

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