Saturday, December 15, 2007

Indian workshops

India is fast industrialising. Everyone has a mobile, even in the depth of the desert, a turbaned wearing man will pull out his mobile phone. ATMs are now commonplace, internet shops aplenty (sometimes) and in the big cities, the sign of international arrival, chained coffee shops are opening up.

But India is vast. In size and especially in the number of people. Old ways can still be seen, leave the main street in a major city and the backstreets will show you how India has looked and worked for many decades. In a small city or a town, this is still how many of the places look on the main street. It is these streets that I enjoy as they evoke the past and stand for the achievement of previous generations. I like the industrialness of these places, the big machines and the dust of production. The people that work here are masters of their trade. They have practical skills that only a few have in the west.

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