Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gujaratis, tops my list of friendly Indians

So far, I've received many small acts of genuine friendliness. These include the offer of tea, soft drinks and sometimes even some meals bought for me. Sometimes, there's no escaping this. 'This is Indian way, you are a guest, we must treat you.' I feel like I'm taking advantage but I'm not even allowed to buy a tea back for them.

In the streets people are curious. They ask me my name, 'which country/ from where?' and 'Are you married?' They smile and usually we shake hands. If their English is good, they want to find out more. Sometimes they joke but it's all good humoured. If they can't speak English, some try with Hindu or Gujarati but I only know 'hello' in these languages.

It's a refreshing change from some other parts of India where the 'tourist dollar' invites the worst of Indians to talk to the tourist.

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